Here’s a Rare Peek Inside Jennifer Aniston’s Bel Air Manse

(Image credit: @smartwater / Instagram)

Jennifer Aniston isn’t on Instagram, but today, her house was. The A lister is popping up on SmartWater’s feed and stories, as the brand spent the day at her house in Bel-Air.

There’s a peek at cozy, yet minimal living room, featuring a curved gray sofa, a fuzzy pillow, and some brass… lighting? Wall decor? Either way, it looks like a fantastic place to relax.

Jen’s kitchen has a spacious island, dark counters and backsplash, light wood upper cabinets, and a countertop cookbook collection.

(Image credit: @smartwater / Instagram)

From the story, we can spot another cozy neutral sofa, some additional fuzzy pillows, her adorable pups, and a wood burning fireplace in the background.

Admittedly, it’s not exactly a full spread in Architectural Digest (like we saw with her former ’70s pad in Beverly Hills, which she sold in 2011), but if you want a grander sense of the space, we happened to find the listing photos from when she bought the place back in 2012.

The four bedroom, six and a half bathroom house sits on over three acres of grounds that include its own vineyard. Designed by A. Quincy Jones, Jen reportedly scooped it up for a little under $21 million, according to Curbed LA. She’s probably done a fair share of renovating in the past five years, and as is a celeb real estate trend, probably won’t invite a shelter mag over for a full feature until she decides to sell.

You can check out more over on SmartWater’s Instagram account.

h/t People



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