What Do You Think of Online Therapy?

Therapy conducted online, through various video conferencing platforms, is a growing trend. With any new treatment modality, therapists rely upon the results from carefully conducted research such as this new study to guide their practice and ensure ethical behavior. The survey results will also help those individuals in search of an online therapist to make better, more informed choices.

Preliminary findings have shown that many people who choose online therapy do so because they are unable to find a therapist in the area where they live or because their work takes them to countries where professionals who speak their native language are unavailable. Feelings of disconnection or displacement characterize the inner emotional life of many individuals in today’s world, whether they live at home or abroad.

To better understand the experience of such individuals, a Paris-based researcher has designed a survey that asks people about their individual experience of online therapy: “Displacement and online therapy: is there a natural relationship? Exploring the displaced individual’s experience of online therapy”. The survey is simple, short (it takes only 5 minutes to complete),  and completely anonymous. And it can be taken online.

For this research to yield meaningful results, we need to collect at least 200 completed surveys. If you’ve had first-hand experience with online therapy, while living in your home country or abroad, your input would be extremely helpful!

Please take the survey here.



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