If Your Cat Could Write a Wish List, Here’s What Would Be On It

The holiday season is a time when people gather with friends and family, exchanging gifts and celebrating with loved ones. And when you’re a pet owner, that totally extends to your furry friends, too. If you have that all-too-familiar urge to spoil your cat this year, we’ve got you covered.

You may not be able to read your cat’s mind, but if they had a wish list, these items would probably make the cut—not to mention, you’ll enjoy them too.

A Bed That’s as Stylish as the Rest of Your Furniture

This elevated cat bed is perfect for the pet owner with a flair for mid-century modern decor—it has both a roped off hideaway spot, and a spot on top that’s great for lounging.

A Blanket That’s Purrfect for Cat Naps

Your feline friend will love to take cat naps on this cozy sherpa throw blanket—not to mention, the texture is perfect for all that kneading you know they love to do.

Adorable Catnip Toys that Look Like Human Food

Skip the table scraps and give your kitty toys in the shape of human food, like these festive catnip filled gingerbread men. And if you want toys that will be in style year-round, housecatclub has a ton of adorable options, like these pierogi toys.

A Wand Toy That’s as Fun as it is Cute

Wand toys are always a favorite among cats, so give them something stylish to bat at with these vegan, natural cotton and wood toys that are sure to grab their attention.

A Multi-Setting Laser that Doesn’t Need Batteries

Ditch your plain old, battery-operated laser pointer and upgrade to this one that’s USB rechargeable—plus, it features 3 patterns: a red laser your cat will love to chase, a white flashlight, and a blacklight to help you spot any pet stains you may have missed.

A Food Bowl Stand with Space for Toys or Cat Grass

An adorable food bowl stand set like this one that features sleek but cute cat-shaped bowls and a compartment for storing cat grass or toys will make mealtimes even more aesthetically pleasing. It comes in two colors: white and wood grain (pictured above).

A Kit for Growing Your Own Cat Grass

Speaking of cat grass (which helps reduce hairballs and aids digestion, by the way), you can grow your own with this kit, which also comes with an adorable cat-shaped planter.

A Stylish Cat Tree They’ll Love to Hide in

Cat trees have a bad reputation for not being very style savvy, but your cat will love to climb, scratch, play with, hide in and rest atop this one that will look anything but ugly in your home.

A Simple but Elegant Custom Collar

Classy cats will love a simple, elegant collar with a personalized touch, and this one from OCHREhandcrafted is handmade and comes in multiple different colors and two different styles (plain leather or stitched).

A Litter Box House That Fits Right In with Your Decor

And finally, keep your cat’s litter box out of sight in this pet house that doubles as a litter box cover. If you have the space in your bathroom, it’ll fit right in—but it’ll also double as furniture in any room in the house.

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