Tracee Ellis Ross Wrote The “Children’s Book” We All Need This Year

We’re huge fans of Tracee Ellis Ross. From her approachable style in Vogue’s 73 Questions to her gotta-have-it-all clothing line for JC Penney, we’re pretty much on board with anything the Black-ish star takes on. On Tuesday night, Tracee guest hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she read from a “children’s book” written to help anyone confused about what behavior is not okay in the workplace in the post-Weinstein era (or, you know, ever).

The Seussian style storybook, called The Handsy Man, introduces the audience to a character many women have met before. The writing might sound like it’s meant for a child, but the content isn’t—its rhyming couplets form a simple explainer on how not to treat women in the workplace (“No I won’t sit on your lap—I shouldn’t have to say this crap.”) We wish we had a copy on our shelves right now.

While harassment isn’t a funny topic, we do appreciate the laugh (how else do you get through the hard times, am I right?).

Check out the full clip below.

h/t Vanity Fair



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