A Sleek (Renter-Friendly) Headboard You Can DIY

This headboard idea is So. Simple. It’s an uncomplicated DIY project that adds minimal and modern pizzazz to a bedroom or a guest bedroom. Creating architectural interest, the headboard ledge is now perfectly suited to store and display art, plants, lamps and more.

This is the bedroom in Puno and Daniel’s LA loft. Using leftover material from their kitchen cabinet remodeling project, the couple built a headboard with a lip along the top that doubles as a shelf. They painted it the same color as the wall in keeping with their chic, understated aesthetic.

Puno likes to create a digital mock-up before doing any work!

(Image credit: Puno Puno)

The only reason we even decided to create a headboard is because we had extra MDF,” confesses Puno. Sometimes happy accidents are the best kind! Since the headboard isn’t attached to the wall, this idea is super renter-friendly (Puno and Daniel are renters, too). And you can customize it to cover up any unwanted but unchangeable elements that might be in your home.

From Daniel: “I just cut four pieces of [Anderson Plywood] MDF and made some 90-degree braces to attach the edges of the top to the front. And I cut a hole in the part that the bed covers. It was pretty heavy so that lightened it up, since we had to bring it up the stairs.”

From Puno: “As for color, I actually did three or four different swatches, and ended up not going with any of them — as per usual! I was going to go with terracotta but honestly we had already bought so many terracotta pots I was kind of getting tired of that color and I didn’t really want a Southwest vibe. Daniel’s Jamaican, I’m Korean/Filipino, I don’t know if that has anything to do with it, but I wanted a more pop-y, neon color, so I went with Behr’s ‘Citrus Delight.’ I painted one wall and liked it so much I just painted the rest of the walls. Daniel says it looks like a color you’d see in the Bahamas. It’s kind of cheesy, if there was a little soap dish with seashells that look would fit right in.”

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