Here’s What People Think About Ultra Violet, Pantone’s Color of the Year

On Thursday, Pantone announced Ultra Violet as the Color of the Year 2018, and publications, brands, and people from across the globe have since taken to the internet to share their opinions on the new reigning hue. Colors are so steeped in personal preference, that it’s no surprise that—like every year—there are the people that love it and the people that don’t. We rounded up some reader comments and reactions from across the web to see what everyone are saying about the mystical shade of the moment.

The good

The not so good

Does it remind you of something?

And because you’re dying to know, here’s what some of the Apartment Therapy Media staff thinks:

I’m having unwelcome flashbacks to Radiant Orchid.

If you told a kid to draw a purple dinosaur, this is the crayon he’d pick.

Purple is my favorite so I’m biased and love this.

Love the color, but don’t see it becoming part of my decorating.

Reminds me of the furry purple guy from McDonald’s (Google tells me his name is Grimace)!

Makes me think of unicorn lattes and space cat memes.

It gives me slight Lisa Frank vibes, which is great for a pencil case or folder…but not an entire room/wall.

It’s very Downton Abbey/Violet Crawley. It seems to point to the past when I’d like a color for the future!

Ultraviolet is invisible.

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