How 2 Target Super Fans Would Spend $50 at the Store Right Now

Any Target fan will tell you it’s a one-stop shop for just about anything, but this time of year, it’s all about the affordable holiday home decor. However, that doesn’t make picking and choosing from all their great seasonal offerings any easier.

To pluck out the worth-it buys, we tapped fashion bloggers-slash-Target mega-fans Jen Coleman and Laura Wiertzema—the duo behind Ascot + Hart and Target Does it Again—to guide us through our next shopping spree. Known for their keen eye for stylish Target finds (and their intimate knowledge of the big box store’s catalog and inventory), we called on the pair to see how they would spend $50 on holiday decorations at the superstore and their picks didn’t disappoint. Read ahead for Coleman and Wiertzema’s favorite seasonal decor items—that total $50 or less.

“We love pops of color when it comes to Christmas and we can always count on Target to deliver,” Coleman says. “This garland is colorful and fun, and looks great on our blue-green artificial tree!”

“We love the bright colors and vintage feel of this tree topper,” Wiertzema says. “It feels very nostalgic.”

“A lettered garland is a simple way to make a BIG holiday statement at home.” Wiertzema says, “and you can hang them just about anywhere.”

“We have this llama sitting on our French porch,” Colman explains, “and it makes us smile every time we see it.”

And while we love the above selects (so colorful!), we also couldn’t help by share four more goodies we spotted on the Target Does It Again Instagram feed:



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