3 Reasons This Country’s Homes Are So Devastatingly Dreamy

Some of the most beautiful homes I saw this year were from The Netherlands. From houses in Amsterdam’s bustling urban center to organic modern homes full of history in bucolic country settings, each home perfectly embodies the personality and spirit of the person living in it.

But while each space is wholly unique, I noticed a series of three important things that folks living in Dutch homes seem to “get right” when it comes to design. And they’re things you can do in your home, no matter where it’s located.

They ace a color palette that’s at once bold as it is soothing

It’s hard for me to shake the notion that bold colors = vibrant, exciting rooms. And that for a room to be relaxing and calming, it basically has to be a near-empty, monochromatic space with no solid surfaces. But, that’s just not the case. And I feel like no one really gets that better than the Dutch home dwellers below. The colors they chose for wall paint and accents are the perfect balance of a soft, soothing hue that’s also a jolt of interest to a room. They’re not too dark, they’re not too light. These homes are the Goldilocks of color palettes:

They understand that “minimal and modern” does not equate to cold or sterile

If you do prescribe to the idea that a soothing, calm room should be light on color, then you’ll appreciate the Dutch homes below. But where these spaces excel is their warmth. Natural materials mix with lots of green leafy plants. Sumptuous textiles cover hard surfaces. Layers aren’t overflowing, but there is enough stuff to make the rooms feel full:

They fully embrace all the beauty and warmth natural wood brings

Is there any other material as beautiful or as a versatile as wood? It comes in many shades, shapes, species and more, and the Dutch homes below know how to let it shine in their interior design. From embracing and highlighting the existing wood architecture to incorporating antique wooden furniture pieces, get inspired to choose wood in your own home by taking a digital stroll through these lovely spaces:

// http://ift.tt/1XVo07s


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