Cancel Your Weekend Plans, The Crown Season 2 Is On Netflix

Hear ye, hear ye: The Crown season 2 is now available on Netflix. While the world was caught up with royal engagement fever, you probably forgot that the period drama was returning for another ten episodes. Here’s what you need to remember from season 1 and what we can expect from season 2 (spoilers ahead, but not really because it’s based on true events, you know?).

Here’s where we left off, as told by AT staffer and royal enthusiast Matt Gurry:

Margaret and Townsend are done, and her relationship with Lillibet will forever be the lesser for it. The Duke is hating his role and his life and may be canoodling outside the palace; Elizabeth’s horses are all doing well. The Queen Mum wanted move to obscurity (aka Scotland), but has resigned to stay in Buckingham or wherever she lives; Scotland is ruggedly beautiful, like Heathcliff with a breeze blowing open his shirt. Churchill has accepted he’s in the twilight of life and has stepped down; Eden is Prime Minister, but don’t put money on his health. Netflix has a huge gowns budget and it looks like it’s getting bigger; and the Commonwealth is a’changing around the stolid—maybe too much so—rock that is Buckingham Palace.

If you want a more detailed brief, the New York Times has a great episode by episode recap.

From the season two trailer, we know that the world has changed, society has changed, and a lot of dramatic staring is going to happen. Elizabeth has to try to hold together the monarchy and her marriage as the post-war era is ushered in. Also, the gowns budget looks spectacular, indeed.

Are you excited for season 2? Tell us in the comments!



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