The Half Wreath is the Only Way We’re Doing Wreaths This Year

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what gives the half wreath its undeniable je ne sais quoi. Perhaps it’s its deconstructed, minimal aesthetic; or maybe it’s just a blatant disregard for convention that we find so attractive. Whatever it is, one thing’s for certain…this elevated look is affordable, accessible, and totally DIYable for all.

Half wreaths are versatile in that they can be left simple, or embellished with as many blooms and baubles as your heart desires. Personally, I’m loving the half wreath’s resemblance to those dreamy crescent moon flourishes prominently found in many Art Nouveau designs, which is why Paper & Stitch‘s floral-filled half wreath is one of my favorites.

In Paper & Stitch’s half wreath DIY, gold macrame hoops are elegantly adorned with greenery and decorated with fresh florals. The site used white anemones, white ranunculus, and cream garden roses for their small wreaths and dusty pink garden roses – romantic antike, and red ranunculus for their large wreaths (seen in the lead image of this post).

For a more undone approach, Makers Society constructed their simple foliage wreaths from wooden embroidery hoops, one type of greenery, and yarn with which to suspend the streamlined finished product. Due to its natural wooden base and streamlined components, this DIY should appeal to minimalists and farmhouse fanatics alike.

Of course, not all wreaths have to be DIYed. This fresh and rustic boxwood wreath from Food52 comes readymade and stays good for up to a year, giving you more bang for your buck. Throw in a bow matched to the season (red or gold now, pastel for spring, patriotic for the summer) to keep this pretty pick up for months.

Floral design studio White Fig Designs constructed their half wreath with a devil-may-care attitude. If left to its own devices, we imagine this wreath will continue growing in all directions, eventually absorbing us all into its diverse ecosystem…and we like it.

Camille Styles‘ voluminous half wreath is making all of our overgrown holiday dreams come true. A DIY is available on her site.

It’s no surprise that this minimal approach to wreath-making lends itself well to modernist holiday decorating. Geometric shapes reign in this ultra modern half wreath by All the Frills, found on Made from Scratch.

Instagrammer vee.zel‘s modern wreath was made using her favorite geometric IKEA ornaments and some faux greenery.

While these beauties may be on-trend, we think they’re just as timeless and festive as the old standard (which, for the record, we still like, too). It’s time to make your holidays whole with a half wreath!



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