The Rose Gold Tinsel Tree is THE Christmas Tree of 2017 (& We Love It)

It was incredibly apparent that blush pink was the color of 2017, so its no surprise that the blush pink Christmas tree—or more specifically, the rose gold Christmas tree—is the must-have holiday decor of the year.

Sparkly and chic, these blush-toned beauties are a sophisticated and modern way to spread holiday cheer throughout your space. While a far cry from traditional Christmas trimmings, the following designers and style makers have found a way to make the bold move incredibly chic and covetable. Plus, read on for tips on how to deck out your own.

Tall, slim, insanely chic: blogger Samantha Hauger’s rose gold bedroom tree is proof that the more metallic holiday decor, the merrier. Plus, she doubled the magic by placing it in front of a large leaning mirror. Samantha also shared the following tips:

  1. Don’t be afraid to use varying metals. “The wonderful thing about rose gold is that it is so diverse. Mixing in coppers, silvers and even gold will always look fabulous.”
  2. Light and Fairy. “Use wire fairy lights instead of traditional string Christmas lights. I love the magical ambiance they create with rose gold tinsel trees.”
  3. No need to be matchy. “Can’t find any copper or rose gold ornaments that match your tree? Try using mercury glass or champagne colored ornaments for a similar sparkling effect,” Hauger says.
  4. Faux FTW. “Pair your rose gold tree with a faux sheepskin tree skirt. It’s a great way to add a chic but unexpected texture to your tree.”

It took Little Inspiration blogger Angie Ramirez 10 cans of spray paint to DIY her very own towering rose-gold Christmas tree, but the results are definitely worth it (we just hope she let it air out before bringing it inside). We asked Angie for her best advice to make this look work for you:

  1. Go with the faux. “Use rose gold flowers in your tree,” Ramirez says. “Spray paint them if needed!”
  2. All things white. “White really pops against a rose gold backdrop,” Ramirez explains. “Try white ornaments, white lights, white ribbons, and a white star topper for a sleek tree.”
  3. Don’t be scared to sparkle. “Few color combos make a bigger impact than rose gold and silver,” Ramirez says. “Add silver ornaments to your rose gold tree to forge super shiny metallic scene.”

Over at 1111 Light Lane, blogger Beth decked out her artificial rose gold tree in contrasting blue and silver ornaments for a sleek but impactful holiday scene.

There are many reasons to love the living room of Cara Irwin of Goldalamode year-round, but right now, it’s all about that stunning dusty pink tree. While not exactly rose gold (at least by the looks of the photo she shared via her Instagram), it’s still pretty hardcore 2017.

Leave it to Emily Henderson to deck every hall (and living space) of her gorgeous Los Angeles home. Here, she went with an array of metallic and white trees for her daughter Elliot’s dreamy room. The rose gold one featured is from Target (and currently on sale).

One of our favorite design personalities Orlando Soria, who went with a rose gold-embellished tree this year (rather than a full-on tinsel tree), has some sage words for anyone considering taking the plunge:

  1. Simplify the color palette. “If your tree is a statement color like rose gold, it’s wise to choose a collection of cohesive ornaments to keep the tree from looking too cluttered.”
  2. Make sure your ornaments contrast with the color of the tree. “Clear ornaments that are too thin won’t show up on a gold tree so make sure you’re choosing some that are bright and graphic enough to contrast with the tree.”
  3. Go matte to vary textures. “Mixing in some ornaments with matte finishes adds a more eclectic look to the tree and stand out nicely with the glimmering texture of your rose gold tree.”
  4. Consider the cord. “Christmas lights often come with green cords, which don’t look great on a rose gold tree because their dark color is conspicuous. Choose lights with white cords or even smaller LED/copper wire lights that provide a sparkle without adding lots of distracting cord bulk.”

Love the look? Here’s where to get one for your home:



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