Gifts to Give the Rightfully Pissed Off Woman In Your Life

So… it’s been some year to be a woman, huh? Nothing new, but it certainly felt relentless. The good news is that angry women were able to accomplish a hell of a lot. The bad news is that society still has a long way to go. We say in the meantime, we all deserve a little swag for making it through 2017.

A few things to get out of the way: 1.) If you want your holidays to remain a-political, cool, but it might be time to click away (or leave an angry comment). 2.) If you want to talk about the often problematic intersection consumerism, capitalism and feminism, that’s also dope, but again not what this list is about. This is but a simple round-up of gifts to give or ask for and charities to support that focus on women and women identified people, who may or may not be deeply invested in the fall of the patriarchy. Happy holidays, witches!

Gifts That Give Back

These gifts do double duty, as each one donates at least part of the proceeds to a women’s organization or a company that focuses on creating economic stability for women.

Gifts That Look Good

These gifts let people know what you’re thinking without breaking your resting bitch face—just spreading the word. If you’re shopping for someone who wears their politics on their sleeve (or phone or tote bag), we’re fond of these. All of these gifts are made by women designers and artists.

  • Active Bitch Face pouch by Emily McDowell. If you’ve ever been asked ‘what’s wrong?’ when you’re just minding your business, this might be the pouch for you.
  • Fall of the Patriarchy pillow by WE Designs. For the Fall enthusiast in your life who is not so patiently awaiting an equal society.
  • Frida Vintage Jacket by Hija De Tu Madre. This jacket is just rad as hell.
  • Don’t Tell Me to Smile beanie by Wildfang. Just let folks know what you’re about from the jump.
  • Rise of the Woman iphone case by LB Brands.
  • Moon Melons by Stella Maria Baker. It’s a splurge, but who among us wouldn’t love a beautiful boob print?

Gifts That Do Good

If you’re looking for women and women-centred organizations to contribute to, we’ve rounded up a few organizations that support women/women identified people in many different ways. This list is by no means exhaustive, so please let us know what charities and organizations are on your radar this holiday season.

  • a21: a21 is an international nonprofit that fights to end human trafficking, “fueled by radical hope that human beings everywhere will be rescued from bondage and completely restored.”
  • Astrea: “Rooted in LGBTQI communities and movements, we work in strategic partnership with foundations, individuals and governments to ensure that their resources reach the activists who need them most and who are best positioned to make transformational impact over time.”
  • Bust Magazine: Help keep the 23 year old feminist magazine afloat with subscriptions or donations.
  • Vital Voices: This international organization identifies individual women leaders across the globe and provides them with the support they need to make tangible changes around the world.
  • Women Employed: This Chicago based nonprofit that works to make sure “All women are treated fairly in the workplace, are able to attain the skills they need for the jobs they want, and are respected for the work they do.”
  • Women’s Learning Partnership: A top rated charity on Charity Navigator, the organization supports women in multiple ways, “uses the programmatic strategies of (1) leadership and advocacy curriculum development, (2) training at the grassroots, national, and regional levels (3) strengthening civil society, and (4) women’s human rights advocacy and movement building.”

What feminist/womanist orgs and artists are you supporting this season?



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