Peek Inside Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent’s Spacious Spanish Colonial Home — Architectural Digest

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent have a track record of seriously stylish homes—not surprising when you’re both designers and have your own TLC show. Their latest (and possibly forever?) home is featured in this month’s Architectural Digest, along with tips on how to have chic spaces when there’s a toddler involved.

After selling their stunning Manhattan abode back in 2015 (remember that trippy shower??), the couple set their sights on Los Angeles, and purchased this spacious 1928 Spanish Colonial in Hancock Park.

Nate and Jeremiah site the 200-year-old oak tree and the period-appropriate intimate nature of the rooms as the selling points, despite initially feeling that the home’s 9,000 square feet was too much. “We pictured Poppy, and eventually the rest of our family, playing under that tree, and we thought this was a place we could put down roots,” Jeremiah tells AD.

In classic Berkus/Brent style, the interest is added through texture and pattern. The designers went with a lot of country antiques for their space, “because they already feel timeworn,” Nate says. “Another ding just adds to the life of the pieces. When you live with a small child, you don’t want to feel beholden to your possessions.”

While much of the home is in varying shades of neutrals (We don’t like to live with a lot of color,” Jeremiah says. “Or any!” Nate adds.), the exception is two-year-old Poppy’s space. “She’s obsessed with pink and princesses—big shocker—so we try to keep the color and chaos confined to her zone,” Nate says.

And while Poppy has her space, so do each of her dads. The pair installed his and his closets, because as Jeremiah says, “Good closets make for a good marriage.”

Read the full article and see more photos over on Architectural Digest.



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