13 Quick & Effortless Twists on Classic Pinecone Decorations

Along with tree decorating and mugs of hot chocolate, collecting pinecones is a great holiday tradition. Get all bundled up, grab a paper grocery bag, and start collecting! When it’s all over, and you have more than you know what to do with, that’s where these DIYs come in.

Cluster with some pine trimmings and berries, and finish it off with a pillar candle, to make the perfect 5-minute table centerpiece as Julie Banner shows off.

Garlands tend to take center stage during the holidays, but getting one long enough to string around the house are always a challenge. Make a custom one with pinecone clusters for high impact like the one here on How to Decorate.

Or go minimal with a few spaced out with wood beads on twine like A Beautiful Mess.

Inspiring Pretty strings her pinecones with wire like the garlands and layers with a burlap ribbon to make a beautiful sconce addition.

I love how the Martha Stewart team took pinecones and saw the DIY potential of the parts over the whole. Pinecone petals picture ornaments can introduce another texture on your tree.

These beautiful place card holders from It All Started With Paint are just what your holiday table needs to tie it together. Wrap some wire around the top on your pine cone and insert a cute name card. And done!

Ela shows you how to mix pinecone sizes for a beautiful, candle vignette. Like how a tray makes everything look more organized, the large wood slice and pinecones help elevate a single votive.

I love the idea of taking a giant pinecone and making it it’s own statement ornament. With some extra trimmings, small baubles, and thick ribbon, this ornament can stand alone as a wall hanging or door ‘tassel’.

No full sized tree, no problem. Take those would-be ornaments and make a tabletop tree!

A few of those table top tree or garlands would look stunning in white. Bleaching instead of painting leaves all the nuance in tone. The way Sand and Sisal contrasted the bleached with the natural is so lovely.

Southern Living has a clever DIY for those bleached pinecones- a snowflake wreath! They cleverly used paint stirrers to build the base.

Pinecones are a classic vase fillers. Master the look with pinecones in varying size, more pine trimmings, & string lights.

This DIY from Martha Stewart has a little bit of everything, so it’s only fitting it holds the finishing spot on the list. Pinecones are transformed into lighted flowers for a centerpiece that won’t wilt on you.

Which DIY gets you excited to hunt for pinecones?

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