Look Down: This Instagram Account Showcases the Patterned Wonder of Airport Carpet

Do you have any airport rituals? Little things that you do or things you treat yourself to in an attempt to make the stress of travel slightly more bearable? I get an Auntie Anne’s cinnamon sugar pretzel (because they’re delicious and LaGuardia has like two food options) and a Harvard Business Review (IDK either), and it helps calm my nerves a bit. If you’re looking for a new travel distraction, there’s a new Instagram account on the block, Airport Carpet, that’s here to offer up a fun, design related distraction the next time your flight is delayed.

Building from the cult following of the iconic Portland airport carpet, this account collects snaps from airports around the world. By zooming in on just a segment of the carpet we get a chance to appreciate the colors and patterns, the thought that went into choosing it. Some of the shots show delightfully funky retro patterns, some newer looking shots with brighter colors and then some of the shots are just worn, utilitarian looking carpets. Every airport carpet gets their time to shine on this particular account.

It’s a nice reminder to slow down and take a moment to appreciate your surroundings, even in the most stressful and crazy of places.

Tips and tricks for making your time at the airport less stressful:

// http://ift.tt/1XVo07s


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