The Litter-Robot

Do you love your cat but hate cleaning the litter box? Well, we’ve got the “scoop” on the very best self-cleaning litter box around, The Litter-Robot! 


You know we Divas love our pets! For instance, anyone who follows us on IG has gotten to know Kash, Tara’s Yorkie, very well over the years. My pets and those of other Divas have also been known to make their cameo appearances as well. What can we say? We love our furbabies as members of our family. And rightfully so. Anyone who is a pet owner knows the unconditional love and peace these furry friends bring to our worlds. So we thought it was high time we give a little love to our feline friends too! And that is where today’s post comes in.

Litter-Robot Review #cataccessories #catlovers

I love the sound of a cat purring. It is so precious. Plus when a cat purrs while you are petting him or her, I’m pretty sure it means that they love you. Or at least that is what I tell myself. And who doesn’t want to be loved by a cat?

Automated Cat Litter Box

I know this face just SCREAMS I love you – that or “I am not amused”. Ha!

As I write this, I am 9,000 years pregnant. Okay, obvious exaggeration as it’s only 9 months. But some days it feels like years! {Wink}

So being pregnant sometimes doing the most menial housework seems like a huge undertaking. Let’s be honest, tying my shoes can feel that way too. Hellllo down there!

One of my most dreaded chores is cleaning the kitty litter box, pregnant or not. Don’t get me wrong, I am soooo grateful cats are smart and tidy and USE litter boxes. But it’s a pain and can be stinky. So when I heard about these new auto-cleaning litter boxes I was pretty excited.

Self-Cleaning Litter-Robot

Diva Becca and I were lucky enough to see the Litter-Robot working in person while we were in NYC over the summer and we met the guys from the company who are the nicest! We were amazed at how cool the Litter-Robot was! It’s like a spaceship! 

Litter-Robot Litter Box for Cat Owners

So since that day, I have been researching the HECK out of the auto-cleaning litter boxes and this one is the best! Seriously. You don’t need to take just my word it, take a peek around the internet and see for yourself. Best reviews by everyone hands down.

So we Divas are super excited and proud to be teaming up with the Auto-Litter Robot company to bring you this review.

Let’s Start with the Pros:

EASY ordering and fast shipping. Exceptional customer service.

You don’t need to buy supplies from the brand to operate, unlike the other brands. It works with any trash bag and litter brand.

The design is simple and therefore has less of a learning curve and is easier to troubleshoot.

It can go up to 10 days without cleaning.

It is surprisingly quiet!

Con: The size, it is larger than some other brands but that size also factors in the ability to block smells and looks tidier than the others IMO. The size still fits in our guest bathroom or laundry room.

So let’s break it down.

To Order

The ordering process is very simple and their website is extremely user-friendly. All you need to do is go to and select “Shop”. Next, you will select the model you want. The model in my review is the Litter-Robot III Open Air. All you need to do is click the “Add to Cart” button and proceed through checkout.

Supplies Needed

This is where things are especially awesome. All you need are garbage bags!! They have custom fit bags you can order or you can use any garbage bags! 

You can also use any clumping litter you prefer. It MUST be clumping though. If you are already using non-clumping litter you will need to switch.

I really love the fact that there are no special supplies needed. It really sets it above many of the other models out there.

Litter-Robot Review of Pros and Cons


  • Spacious litter chamber great for cats big and small (5 lbs and up)
  • Self-cleans after each use
  • Reduces litter box odor
  • Great for multiple cats
  • Waste drawer full indication
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 18-Month Full Warranty

Easy to Use Litter-Robot

The Best Litter Box for Cats

To Operate

So DANG easy! Just a few simple buttons and the Getting Started guide is really user-friendly. It even comes with steps to help you introduce your cat to the Litter-Robot. It functions fully automatically and it self-cleans after every use. It also has a function called an “8 Hour Sleep Mode” that when activated, it will delay the cleaning cycle so you are able to customize it to your preference.

Our Favorite Litter Box

Litter-Robot Setup

Cat Litter Box

Life Just Got Easier

Do you see how awesome this machine is?!? A total must for any cat owner! I know you will not be disappointed with this purchase. So spoil your cat and yourself and make this one of your holiday purchases this season, or invest in a fresher home in the coming year with less work on you and better litter box for your feline family member! After you get your Litter-Robot post a picture of your feline friend and tag us in it! We’d love to see them!








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