This Cuddly Robot Is Here to Help You Fall Asleep

A Dutch company has combined two of the internet’s favorite things: sleep deprivation and robots. Somnox, the world’s first sleep robot, just exceeded its Kickstarter goal and should hit the market in the next year or so. The robot, which looks like a cuddly little bean, is designed to help lull people to sleep using “breathing regulation, audio and affection.”

Sleepers can tuck the Somnox under their arm or hold it like a teddy bear when falling asleep. The robot will help people relax by simulating breathing: “Users will subconsciously adjust their breathing rhythm to that of the sleep robot. Research has shown that breathing is essential to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation.”

It comes with a wide range of sounds and lullabies, and users can upload their own sounds or music. It is also designed to help wake people up naturally, using sound and movement. It is ergonomically designed with soft foam and a washable cover, so sort of a sleek, high-tech version of the boyfriend pillow.

Somnox strives to be a natural, non-addictive cure to the growing problem of sleep deprivation. You can learn more about the robot over on their Kickstarter page.

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