Confused About Net Neutrality? This 3-Minute Video Explains It All

Here you are, reading a site on the internet. Therefore, net neutrality is something you should be aware of. This amazing video explains what it means—and what will happen if it’s overturned—in just three minutes.

Net neutrality might not have the most exciting branding, but it’s pretty integral to how we use the internet. Basically, net neutrality means that all traffic on the internet should be treated equally, no matter if you’re checking Facebook or watching Netflix—without restrictions by government or service providers. Meaning, Comcast, AT&T, or whatever company you get your service through can’t treat the internet like a cable TV package, blocking access to sites unless you upgrade your plan.

If net neutrality were to be overturned, your monthly bill could look something like this:

Take a few minutes and check out the full explainer video from Fight for the Future below:

The FCC is set to vote on net neutrality on Thursday, December 14, though the fight will likely continue with lawsuits and possible attempts at legislation. Battle for the Net has a bunch of ways to tell people in charge you oppose the rollback of net neutrality, including contacting your senators and congresspeople.

h/t HelloGiggles



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