This Instagram Holiday Trend Epitomizes 2017 Decor Vibes

2017 was a year infatuated with desert vibes. Everywhere you turned it seemed as though someone was waving goodbye to city life for the quiet and dusty roads of Joshua Tree, or you know, cactus stores were popping up in your neighborhood. And now, one look at Instagram, and you’ll notice that those desert vibes have taken over Christmas in a big way. Enter: The Cactus Christmas tree.

Before you dismiss said succulent for the traditional spruce, opting for a Christmas cactus could just be your best decision yet. And really how can you be mad at a trend that’s just so adorable and kitschy? Last week, we posted the marvelous iteration above (shared by Leah Hoffman), and it quickly became one of Apartment Therapy’s most-liked images of the year. Clearly, there’s some serious love happening here for the festive prickly pick.

So whether you’re living small and just don’t have the space for a traditional tree, are a desert minimalist, or are otherwise just a little uninspired or lazy this holiday (no tree mess to clean up!) a Christmas cactus could be a great way to add a little christmas cheer without all the fuss and costs that come along with a tree.

In that spirit we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Christmas cacti and a few decorating tips to get you well on your way to achieving optimum Christmas desert vibes.

If a concern for your safety has you iffy on a Christmas cactus, opt for a fake one like Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth—then treat it to a smattering of festive poms.

If your cactus is apartment-sized, tassels are another great decor option. Make it easy and grab a fun tassel garland from purveyors like The Tiny Tassel. Throw in some colored likes, like on this little guy from D Magazine, and you’ll never miss your evergreen.

Perhaps you’re more the go big or go home type. In that case, do as Justina Blakeney does. The way these geometric gold balls glow with every ray of sunshine cast upon them is stunning.

This Christmas cactus is the perfect mix of classic and modern. It just so happens we’ve already tested a whole host of string lights here in an effort to help you find the best ones, though we’re digging the throwback vibe of these seen on Color Stuff Design via Instagram.

A Santa saguaro, anyone? Forget the usual tree topper and have your cactus don a Santa hat, as seen on Succulent City via Instagram. We’re loving the way the Santa saguaro somehow feels oh-so Dr. Seuss-y.

Can’t get enough of Christmas plants? Check out Amazon’s just-opened plant store and get your succulent delivered to your door via Prime.



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