This Website Is Here to Help You Avoid Movies Made by Creeps

If you’re a politically minded person settling in for a long holiday break of doing not very much and you’re ready to get your stream on, you may find yourself facing a dilemma. You want to watch something good, or at least entertaining, but you don’t want to support the work of, well, creeps (pause while I cover my bases— alleged creeps).

With more and more people coming forward to share stories of abuse from powerful men in Hollywood, it gets harder to separate the work from the person making it. Rotten Apples is here to help you avoid movies and TV written by, directed or starring the aforementioned creeps.

The goal of Rotten Apples according to the creators is “to further drive awareness of just how pervasive sexual misconduct in film and television is and to help make ethical media consumption easier.” Every ‘rotten apple’ is based on an article that the site links to for user reference.

(Image credit: Rotten Apples)

The site only culls information from who worked on the film, so the content may still be problematic—but if you’re invested in giving your streaming dollars to creators who are (as of now) clean, it’s a good resource. It occasionally misses smaller roles by accused actors or the long dead like Alfred Hitchcock.

A quick search of holiday movies turns up that Love Actually, The Family Stone and The Preacher’s Wife are all clear. However, The Grinch (Jeffrey Tambor), Carol (Bob and Harvey Weinstein) and Jingle All The Way (Arnold Schwarzenegger) are all connected to men with incidents of sexual misconduct. And I did check to confirm, Netflix’s so-bad-it’s-good original, The Christmas Prince, is a safe bet.



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