Whose Side Are You On? Tom Hanks and Stephen Colbert Debate Christmas Decorations

Tom Hanks—aka America’s Dad—was a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night, and the two had a some, shall we say, differing opinions when it comes to holiday decor.

Hanks starts off by saying how he’s a staunch tinsel guy from childhood onwards, but that his wife, Rita Wilson, comes from a family where the kids weren’t allowed to decorate the tree. He describes their self described “tinsel war,” saying they switch off tinsel and non-tinsel years, though he suspects Rita usually gets her way because he can’t remember if tinsel happened last year or not.

Colbert then asks whether they add the lights from the top to the bottom, or bottom to the top. Tom has the correct answer (top to bottom), but after that, he and Stephen begin to differ.

Colbert is a colored lights person, whereas Hanks likes to match the lights and the bulbs (“If you don’t understand the beauty of a symmetrically designed and decorated Christmas tree, get off my show!”); Hanks prefers flashing, while Colbert disagrees (“That’s insane. We’re not landing a plane.”).

Check out the full exchange below, and let us know whose side you’re on.

h/t Architectural Digest

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