7 Holiday House Plants for People Who Are Bored With Poinsettia

There’s a time and place for embracing tradition. But sometimes, you just have to dance to a different tune. If the quintessential poinsettias aren’t your holiday jam, you don’t have to completely bow out of enjoying festive houseplants. Here are a few other options, fit for the season and sufficiently unique.

(Image credit: itman__47/Getty Images)


Spectacularly showy, these tropical bulbs bloom indoors in the winter and are another traditional holiday decor choice. Amaryllis flowers come in red, white, peach, pink, and even yellow, and they are sure to brighten up the gloomiest of winter blues.

(Image credit: Lewis Tse Pui Lung/Shutterstock)


Paperwhites are another delightful bulb flower that can cheer up your home during the holidays. They look delicate and unassuming in a hurricane vase lined with pebbles, and if you stagger when you place the bulbs in it, you can prolong the starry white display of blooms.

(Image credit: Nadezhda_Nesterova/Getty Images)

Christmas Cactus

Christmas cacti require specific care to force them to bloom, so the ones blossoming in winter have received this care elsewhere, leaving you to enjoy the bright flowers while the world outside is dormant. It’s also a great gift-giving plant because you can propagate cuttings easily and for years to come.

(Image credit: Baloncici/Getty Images)

Holly Plants

With their shiny, dark green leaves and adorable clusters of red berries, Holly plants are Christmas.

(Image credit: nectarina/Getty Images)


Cyclamen plants come in various shades of red, pink, maroon, and white, lovely holiday tones. Blooms can last over eight weeks, bringing a touch of color and life into your home.

(Image credit: tvirbickis/Getty Images)


Nothing chases away the feeling of cold like a vibrant tropical plant. A blooming bromeliad is all the more special because of the transience of the flower; most bromeliads bloom only once before their energy is diverted into making pups, who will become the next generation of bromeliads.

Norfolk Island Pine

These are the “mini Christmas trees” you see, dotted with coarse glitter and too darling to resist. They make a great hostess gift and pack a ton of holiday spirit into their cute little branches.

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