Pour Yourself a Scotch: All About Còsagach, The Scottish Take On Hygge

Today in “marketing ploys that 100 percent worked on me,” we review the new Visit Scotland campaign which introduces us to còsagach. What is còsagach? It’s “based on an old Scottish word for feeling snug, sheltered and warm.”

According to Visit Scotland, you can achieve còsagach (which sounds like “KO-sa-goh”) by “fluffy rugs, fire pits, outdoor hot tubs and wood burning stoves,” curling up in the corner of cozy pubs for a drink, and this porridge tour—which is honestly my dream vacation.

Scotland’s famous textiles and arts and crafts get a nod. And they also suggest finding a local coffee shop, bookstore or tea room, because “nothing says comfort like tea and cake.” Lest we forget there are also castles available for respite from the wind.

Just because it’s a marketing campaign doesn’t make it untrue. If you’ve ever watched an episode of Outlander, you can totally pick up on the warm feeling of coming out of the cold into a room with a roaring fire and some amazing knitwear. I’m all on board for còsagach and will start dressing in head to toe tweed, mainlining episodes of Shetland until I can actually hop over the pond.

So, Gerard Butler’s apartment, còsagach or not?

h/t The Cut

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