What To Get Your Introvert Friend Who Never Leaves The House

Winter is the time to hibernate, but there are some people who make an absolute art form out of it. Help them turn their home—or even their sofa—into the place to be with these 15 domestic delights.

With these socks, your three most sofa-loving friends won’t have to get up—hell, they won’t even have to speak!

Being hooked on Alexa doesn’t mean you want to look at your Echo Dot all the time; disguise it with this charmingly sleepy little fox.

Just because someone likes to stay home doesn’t mean they don’t want to look good doing so. This monthly bag will bring them all the joy of exploring a Sephora without braving the elements and the crowds.

Know someone who’s an activist at heart but is rarely/never able to participate in protests and marches? Let them support the causes they believe in with these bold Chuck Sperry Posters. Everything The Outrage sells benefits great causes; the profits from these go to 350.org and Planned Parenthood, respectively.

All the popcorn Quinn makes is amazing—my favorite is the Maple Kettle Corn—so their Movie Night Extra Butter version must be ridiculously fantastic, for a tiny fraction of the theater price.

Metallic Slippers at J. Crew, $49.50 (+40% off with code TIME2GIVE)

There’s no reason for cozy slippers not to have all the flair of going-out shoes, and these metallic moccasins are as cute as they are cuddly.

I can’t do better than the shop description: “We use flaxseed as it has excellent temperature balance, and unlike other fillings, flaxseed is nearly 40% oil – not water that evaporates over time. Equally important, flaxseed conforms to the body so the pack nestles into the neck or wraps around knees with ease.” That sounds amazing.

A Winc gift card allows you to determine how much you’d like to spend, and the recipient to control what types of wine they receive—and when. Wine without leaving home? The future does have its upsides.

If someone’s going to be spending a lot of time at home, that home should be well-humidified and sweet-smelling. This beautiful mister is made of repurposed wood and has an automatic shutoff and optional color-changing lights.

Their home should also be plant-filled, and this subscription service will send them two darling succulents each month.

A sofa can be just as glamorous as a club or restaurant when it’s bedecked with fabulous cushions like this one, or this chic gold-banded number.

This 1.5-cubic-foot cutie has all of the vintage style of the covetable Smeg fridges, in a compact size that would fit next to a sofa, because who wants to get up to fetch another can of La Croix when you’re seven episodes deep in your binge session?

There’s something about wearing a lush gorgeous robe that turns the everyday into a luxury. This fleece option from British brand The White Company is sure to elevate your loved ones year.

Have a friend that makes their yearly visit to Anthropologie an event (mostly because it’s the only store they deem worthy of peeling themselves off the couch for)? With this candle, Anthro’s signature scent, they can get all the magic of retailer while shopping online with the strike of a match.

When even rolling through the Starbucks drive-thru is too much for your homebody friend to handle, bless them with the gift of great lattes on demand.

// http://ift.tt/2BeEmmf


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