Watch This Kid Kiteboard with an IKEA FRAKTA Bag

This is the year IKEA’s iconic FRAKTA bag got pushed to the limits, and we thought we’d seen everything it can do. Apparently not, because the blue bag can double as sporting equipment.

IKEA Hackers shared a video of a six year old kid kiteboarding using the blue bag. If that’s not the hardest working bag in the world, we don’t know what is.

Young Frederick wanted to kiteboard, and dad Soren grabbed him a FRAKTA. As Surfer Today writes, “What better way to start things off than by flying the smallest trainer kite in the world.” At 99 cents, we can guess it’s the cheapest, too.

The bag holds about 19 gallons and can carry 55 pounds, apparently making it the perfect size to pull a child across the water. Check it out for yourself:

The FRAKTA has had quite the year. It all started when Balenciaga released their $2,100 leather “knockoff”of the 99 cent tote. IKEA then responded with a pretty hilarious print ad on how to spot the real thing. Afterwards, it seems the entire internet was conspiring to hack the FRAKTA into everything from hats, to Air Jordans, to what must be a very uncomfortable thong. They’ve even been transformed into Christmas stockings.



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