10 of the Coolest Kitchens on Airbnb for Less than $100 a Night — Kitchn

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year, chances are you’re getting some well-deserved time off in the next few weeks. Ideally, you’ll be able to use that time to go away somewhere. What’s that? You’re feeling strapped for cash because of holiday shopping and other expenses? These Airbnbs are all under $100 a night. And they’ve all got beautiful kitchens to boot. If you don’t go now, start looking at early 2018!

The rental: Design, Quiet & Best Location in Town
Where it is: Avignon, France
How much it costs: $42 per night
Why you wanna go: We’re pretty sure we don’t have to convince you to go to France, but just in case we do, this spot boasts a stunning tiled backdrop, worn-wood cabinetry, and chic black accents. It’s basically an Instagrammer’s dream come true.

The rental: Whimsical Guest House with Chickens
Where it is: Los Angeles, CA
How much it costs: $90 per night
Why you wanna go: We’re in love with this sunny backyard kitchen, which boasts tons of prep space, an impressive grill, an extra mini fridge, and tons of seating space for friends and family. And it’s in LA, so you know it’ll be warm enough to use it.

The rental: Cozy Private Bedroom in Roscoe Village/Lakeview
Where it is: Chicago, Illinois
How much it costs: $67 per night
Why you wanna go: The open floor plan means you can cook up dinner while mixing and mingling with your significant other, who chooses to lounge on the sofa instead of help with dinner prep. Open shelving and bright, playful art channel the one-of-a-kind Chi-town vibe.

The rental: Luxurious Condo near CN Tower
Where it is: Toronto, Canada
How much it costs: $79 per night
Why you wanna go: You can live that high-rise life in this sleek luxury building. Is it just us or does that raw-edged wood island look like the most inviting place for a cup of coffee?

The rental: Hip and Cozy In-Town King Studio
Where it is: Breckenridge, Colorado
How much it costs: $70 per night
Why you wanna go: Snow bunnies will love this industrial-chic cook space in the popular ski town. The humble-but-mighty space has everything you need to whip up indulgent meals post-slopes, plus it features edgy design accents.

The rental: Contemporary Uptown Phoenix Home
Where it is: Phoenix, Arizona
How much it costs: $80 per night
Why you wanna go: This chic kitchen literally looks like the “after” on a home makeover show. We’re dying to spend some time in the subway-tiled space to live like an HGTV star for even a day.

The rental: XII Century Monastery
Where it is: Florence, Italy
How much it costs: $47 per night
Why you wanna go: Well, if Italy isn’t enough of an incentive, try booking this gorgeous Florence abode. The dove gray cabinetry and marble backsplash (swoon!) are the perfect backdrop for cooking up an afternoon appertivo.

The rental:Light-filled Modern Guesthouse walk to SE Division
Where it is: Portland, Oregon
How much it costs: $90 per night
Why you wanna go: Portland isn’t exactly known for it’s warm, sunny weather, but hopefully this retractable glass wall gives you plenty of light while cooking breakfast in this stylish guesthouse. Also, there’s a copper backsplash.

The rental: Warehouse loft apartment with rooftop
Where it is: Brooklyn, New York
How much it costs:$92 per night
Why you wanna go: A nice place to stay in New York City for less than $100? It’s practically unheard of. This place is cool, clean, bright, and it has a picnic table. What’s not to love?

The rental: Hidden Gem of Budapest City Centre
Where it is: Budapest, Hungary
How much it costs: $55 per night
Why you wanna go: If you’ve been wanting to get to Budapest (like everyone else on your Instagram feed), now would be a good time to go. You can make bite-sized snacks and then try to launch them up to your SO in bed. Or don’t, because that’s probably not recommended by the host.

Which one is your favorite?

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