The Hot Fashion Trend All Over Pinterest You Should Steal for Your Home

Well, Pinterest has spoken, and according to the inspirational search engine, “Plastic makes perfect.” What does that mean exactly? Well, the terms “Lucite” and “patent leather” have been popping up a ton in their site searches lately and they’re placing major bets that the clear material will be everywhere by spring. And while this trend was declared for fashion, we think it’s an easy jump to home decor. Like most home trends, plastic as a material started in fashion (think clear bangles and even see-through bags), have trickled into the home space via acrylic tables, trays, etc. and clearly (see what I did there?) are continuing to trend. I’m not saying Lucite (which is actually just a brand name of acrylic) is not a brand spanking new material—in fact, it’s pretty retro, dating back to the 1930s—but it certainly doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. And that’s for good reason.

Clear furniture and accessories are visually light, as we’ve said 100 times before, making them great small space additions. They go with everything, since they have no color of their own, unless they’re tinted—which is also a pretty rad look in the right room. Stylistically, it’s kind of the same story. Acrylic decor is a chameleon, so it’ll vibe with pretty much any style decor.

If you’re ready to hop on board the trend, or have loved the clear, sturdy material for decades, don’t miss some of our favorite acrylic picks.

C tables are fantastic furnishings for small spaces (and larger rooms alike). The subtle brass makes it extra special.

A well-known silhouette in a fresh material.

Not into the clear acrylic? The blue hue of this table from Urban Outfitters feels modern rather than retro.

Custom curtain hardware is not something to get for a rental, but if you’ve landed your dream home (or plan on sticking around your place for years to come) and love the look of acrylic, these will definitely add a unique flair to your living spaces.

For just a touch of the trendy material, go for something unexpected like an acrylic floating shelf. Also available with brass brackets.

Definitely a splurge, but oh what a splurge it would be!

This lamp looks far more expensive in real life and would be a super luxe (but budget-friendly) addition to any living room.

A different take on the acrylic coffee table by Kartell. Also available in gray and brown acrylic.

We’ve all seen ghost chairs before (and go for the original Philippe Starck for Kartell Louis ones if you can afford them). But Baxon Studio makes a pretty good knock off if not.

A super pretty set that can go with traditional or modern dishware.

You really can’t beat this waterfall-style table.

Even your desk can benefit from a little acrylic. Have you ever seen a more chic way to hold pens and pencils?

This double-decker guy can handle a lot of bottles and squeeze into tight corners. You could also try it stocked with colorful stationery and supplies in a home office.

Brass adds a fun, fancy touch to basic clear photo frames.

No room for a bar cart? No problem. Use one of these trays to corral bar supplies on a console instead.

The perfect set of nightstand table lamps.

This pull is a shining example of why cabinet hardware is called the jewelry of the home. Just imagine a set of these on a dresser or even a powder room vanity.

The ultimate example of form meets function—a clear chess set that’s equal parts coffee table art and after dinner entertainment.

So go for the ghost with these acrylic and lucite home goods. Because if Pinterest is any indicator, they’re going to have tons of staying power in 2018.



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