10 Ideas to Steal From Apartment Therapy’s Most Liked Instagrams of 2017

In my capacity as a staff writer, I write a lot of posts for Apartment Therapy, but this post was written by you. In 2017, we posted a lot of pictures to our Instagram (884, to be exact), and you liked them—a lot. But there were 10 photos that you liked the very most, and we’ve gathered them together here, along with design takeaways from each one. Feast your eyes.

10. Nothing cozies up a space quite like books

We’re huge fans of books, and it’s quite apparent that you are, too. Nothing makes a space feel like home quite like bookshelves — and wall mounted shelves, like the ones in this photo, can be hung above furniture (make sure they’re nice and sturdy!) so they don’t take up any floor space at all.

9. Shaking up your holiday decor can be very rewarding

A holiday cactus takes up way less space than a tree—and it’s sure to turn heads.

8. Don’t shy away from plants in the bathroom

Plants are a great way to add texture and life to any room, and the bathroom need not be an exception. In fact, there are plenty of plants that thrive in humid spaces (like the bathroom).

7. You can’t go wrong with hex tile

This inexpensive six-sided tile is an exciting alternative to subway tile that feels both fresh and classic at the same time.

6. Wallpaper in a tiny bathroom can be very nice

Bold prints in a small space may seem counterintuitive, but wild wallpaper in a little bathroom can have a lovely, jewel-box effect.

5. There are a few tricks to getting a gallery wall right

This one has a pleasing, cohesive look because all the frames and mats (and many of the pieces of artwork, too) fall into a black and white color scheme.

4. Don’t be afraid to add color to your kitchen

White has been the color of choice for kitchens for a long time, but we love the idea of adding just a little color, like with this retro-style mint refrigerator.

3. Plants make any room better

Not just the bathroom, but the bedroom too: there’s no wrong place for plants.

2. A little open shelving in your kitchen can be a great place to show off the things you love

If the pressure of having all open shelving is just too much, try just a few feet, so the things you love can be always on display.

1. Embrace your personal style and let it take you to new heights

Our most-liked photo of 2017 is this bold living room from Hilton Carter, whose plants, vintage leather sofa, arc lamp, and wood tones give it a distinctly ’70s vibe. It’s a far cry from the hyper-minimal Scandinavian interiors we’ve been used to seeing lately—and when it all comes together, it feels just great.

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