This New Art Trend is Perfect for Readers

While you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can definitely appreciate its cover art. With that logic, it’s no surprise then that some of the greatest book (and album, magazine, and newspaper) covers of all time are suddenly popping up in the form of wall artwork in the homes of tastemakers across the globe.

What’s more, a few of our favorite brands are starting to turn popular covers into limited edition art prints, suggesting that this studious trend isn’t just for bookworms.

For example, accessible art-makers 20×200 just announced a new collaboration with Riverhead Books. With the help of Riverhead Design Labs, 20×200 is transforming three of the publishers bestselling book’s covers into limited edition art prints, including Brit Bennett’s The Mothers, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic and Meg Wolitzer’s The Interestings.

“I think (hope!) that everyone’s had the experience of falling in love with a book. It’s a powerful, sometimes life-changing sort of romance and one that’s worth cherishing,” says Jen Bekman, founder of 20×200. “The collaboration with Riverhead Books is a new way for readers to stay connected with the books and authors they love best, and it’s also a celebration of the covers that the acclaimed Riverhead Design Labs creates for their titles. Transforming those covers into wall-worthy art prints honors their talents and gives readers the opportunity to keep all the happy associations they have with a given book close at hand.”

In the market for some wall art that’s a little more, well, literary? Here are few more ways to score a cool cover-inspired work of art for your home.

1. NYTimes: Who knew you could turn just about any New York Times cover into a framed print—for less than $150? The iconic newspaper’s online store offers archival reprints of more than 57,000 of their former front pages, all you have to do is enter the date. Order the cover from your birthdate for a more personalized print, or find one from a momentous day in history (like the day after the Berlin Wall went down) and make a statement with your wall art.

2. NYMag: Looking for a cover art print that’s a little less wordy? In honor of their 50th anniversary, New York Magazine teamed up with and transformed 13 of their most iconic covers into art prints. Available in a range of sizes and mediums (everything from acrylic prints to posters), you can finally get your hands on a print of that legendary Obama cover or in my case, the 1973 Pastrami Olympics.

3. Etsy: Leave it to Etsy to offer a solid assortment of affordable cover-inspired wall art. In addition to large-scaled reprints of classic book covers including The Great Gatsby and The Catcher in the Rye, the online marketplace also boasts some pretty dreamy designs inspired by famous texts—like this landscape-style one for Jack Kerouac’s On the Road—complete with popular quotes from the book.



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