Twitter Reactions to the Birth of Mindy Kaling’s Daughter That Sum Up Our Feelings

Congratulations are in order for Mindy Kaling, who gave birth to her first child, daughter Katherine Kaling on December 15, according to E!. With the news coming out Tuesday afternoon, Twitter is abuzz with reactions today, and here are a few that sum up our feelings on this momentous occasion.

A Wrinkle in Time director Ava DuVernay congratulated the new mom, with whom she just appeared on the cover of TIME magazine.

And that cover isn’t the only thing Mindy’s been rocking lately.

Yep, total badass.

As for baby Katherine’s father, people have a OTP in mind, and they will not let it go.

We know Mindy’s busy and all, but this would be a true gift:

Same, tbh.

I mean, who wouldn’t be? Just look at her closet:

And here’s a lesson for all of you who aren’t appropriately excited.

Congrats, Mindy!



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