Before & After: A Painted Peeling Kitchen Goes Pretty Green

When Kiersten bought her home, the kitchen had been recently renovation. It wasn’t exactly her taste, but it was….fine. She debated keeping it as is for awhile, and just making do, but then she started having some issues with the cabinets….

The kitchen looked fine, but only from a distance. In reality, the wooden cabinets had been painted white — without getting sanded or primed first — and the paint was peeling off in sections. Not only did they look bad, but it made the cabinets really hard to clean, and no amount of Kiersten’s Magic Eraser-ing could change that.

Here’s what Kiersten had to say:

We replaced the appliances and flooring right after moving in; a year later, we started the rest and it took about 2 months, mostly because we had issues with our backsplash install. We hired an IKEA kitchen specialist out of Minneapolis to do the cabinet install and the usual plumber, electrician, HVAC – we are not very handy people…Now that the kitchen is done, I’m so happy with that decision and completely thrilled with the results.

This wasn’t Kiersten’s first renovation. After a previous project a few years ago, she dealt with migraines for months —a result of all the paint fumes and off-gassing from materials. This time, she knew she would go green: low VOCs, minimal waste. and environmental impact.

Here are the choices they made, along with a few notes on why:

  • IKEA cabinets, which she notes are manufactured to meet stricter EU requirements for VOC emissions.
  • Cabinet doors from Scherr’s, which were painted locally with low VOC conversion varnish to match their appliances.
  • Zodiaq quartz countertops, which she says isn’t the greenest option out there, but is GreenGuard certified and low VOC.

If readers want to see and read more, head over to Hello Glow for more photos and info.

Many many thanks for sharing your kitchen Kiersten!



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