Forget Yule Logs, Watch Puppies Crash Christmas Instead

We love a good holiday yule log, but there’s one thing the traditional holiday programming is missing: Puppies. Thank goodness for Hulu and their Streaming Wonderland options, which this year pairs pups with the lovely crackling ambiance of a fireplace.

(Image credit: Hulu via HelloGiggles)

In 2016, the streaming service introduced their version of holiday background TV in the tradition of the yule log, but with more options beyond a simple fireplace. Last year’s programming included 52 minutes of watching a roast cook, 56 minutes of dripping tree sap, 54 minutes of a snowman melting, and possibly our favorite, 49 minutes of a gingerbread home “remodel.”

For 2017, though, they really upped the cuteness factor by bringing in a Santa sack full of rowdy puppies who playfully destroy the Christmas scene, one knocked over glass of milk and ripped wrapping at a time. What better way to tune out Aunt Mildred’s nosy questions than by watching little pups wrestle while downing your 19th nog? For a blissful 33 minutes, only these curious puppers matter.

(Image credit: Hulu via HelloGiggles)

This isn’t the only alternative yule log out there, though; If you’d rather spend your holiday with Nick Offerman, you can watch him sip whisky for 45 minutes. Or if you’re more into art, there’s a whole bunch of digital interpretations to choose from over on Yule Log 2.0.

h/t Hello Giggles



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