Before & After: This Master Bedroom Is Even More Beautiful Than Before

When Diane first moved into her new house, she spent so much time and energy remodeling the rest of the home, that the master bedroom was a bit of an afterthought. At the time, she made it bearable by ripping up the wall-to-wall white carpet and purchasing a new bed. Still, even after all those changes, it just didn’t give off the moody, luxe feel she wanted.

She eventually gave it the attention it truly deserved. Since the makeover was mostly cosmetic at this point (there was no major reconstruction, and, again, they had previously ripped up the carpet to expose the hardwood floor), she was able to pull it off pretty quickly. Here’s what she did: changes the wall color (from white to a perfect greige), re-arrange the furniture , paint a new “old” dresser (that was painted), and purchase sconces, linens, curtains, accessories, additional art, and a larger mirror. Staying up late to paint allowed Diane to finish the makeover in just 3 days.

Here’s what she thinks of the space now:

The bold blue curtains were a fun statement before, but they didn’t necessarily give off a soft, chic vibe. I love how warm, modern and almost romantic the bedroom feels now. The bed against the larger window is more appropriate for the room size and adding an extra long rectangular mirror on the adjacent wall creates the sense of yet another window- when we sit in bed, we have a perfect “view” outside! The only change I would make would be to hang less stiff curtains.

You can see more of Diane’s home projects — including a recent family room reveal — over at The Rath Project. Thanks for sharing with us Diane!



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