This Last-Minute New Year’s Eve Idea Is All Over Pinterest

Fill a basic balloon and suddenly you have fun, festive decorations that elevate a simple gathering to something more special. It’s one of the most inexpensive party tricks out there, and is also incredibly easy to pull off last minute. Here are the basics, and a few great ideas to get you started.

The great thing about this idea is that there are endless options out there, and multiple ways to make it your own.

Start with the basics: confetti. Cut out (or buy) little pieces of tissue paper, and stick inside the balloon, using a funnel if needed. I Spy DIY chose triangles in primary colors, which is classic and works for any occasion.

Tip: Try putting in just a little bit of confetti in at a time to help the individual pieces better stick to the insides of the balloon.

From there you can customize with different colors, shapes, materials —whatever suits your mood. If you can get it in a balloon, it’s all good. Here’s proof: these wedding balloons, seen on Aisle Perfect, were filled with sprigs of what looks like evergreen, making a beautiful, organic statement.

Mess around with sizing as well, going mall with a bunch of little mini balloons, almost like a bouquet. These are from Flair Exchange.

Or, go big with just a few ginormous balloons, like this one from the DIY Network. So many options!

This tutorial takes things up a notch with a smaller balloon inside a larger one. The added dimension is fantastic.

Martha filled a series of balloons with fine, iridescent glitter, which gives them a glimmering sheen that is subtle yet special.

From there, you can decorate however you wish, adding ribbons, garlands or streamers cascading to the floor. A Beautiful Mess even added a string of mini balloons for a really fun extra effect.



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