New Report Suggests That New York Drivers Really Are The Crankiest

A recently released survey proves that New York lives up to its stressed out, horn-honking driver reputation. The ominously titled Drivers Vs. Pedestrians report polled the two groups to get a sense of what each one of thought of the other’s behavior.

In polling 500 drivers and 500 pedestrians, they learned what makes each of them tick, from major safety concerns to minor annoyances. 91 percent of pedestrians in New York and 74 percent in Illinois report being honked at by drivers. Perhaps the pedestrians in Illinois gave the drivers a good reason to honk at them, as they take the number one spot for jaywalking.

And once again living up to the cultural stereotype, New York pedestrians apparently “strike back” more than any other ambulatory folks. Although it should be noted that Texan pedestrians throw things at cars more than others, so everything is bigger in Texas—including pedestrian reactions.

The report also focuses on the bad behavior of those behind the wheel. Overall, 76% of drivers were reported to have blocked a pedestrian while they were attempting to use a crosswalk, and a staggering 16% have actually hit someone.

This could all be solved by staying inside forever, but if that’s not in the cards for you and you’re curious to learn more, you can see the rest of the report here.

h/t Metro



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