How Three Clicks on Your Phone Could Save You Major Money

Tis the season for gift giving. And chances are, you were gifted with some kind of high-ticket electronic this month. Along with those pricey presents comes product warranties — i.e. the opportunity to get a refund or replacement if you find yourself dissatisfied with the item.

And while it’s easy to forget all about warranties when an item is a gift, it’s important to remember in any case that it is there if you need it. That’s why we’re proposing you set some kind of calendar reminder at least one month before a product’s warranty expires — to give you the chance to assess whether or not it’s working as promsied before it’s too late.

Whether it’s the latest smartphone, a pair of fancy headphones, or a state-of-the-art speaker, product warranties exist for a reason — and they’re often your only hope for an exchange or refund if your gift winds up not working like it should.

Here are a couple of easy ways to set up a notification for any and all of your gifted warranties this Christmas.

Use an App Like Stuffcard

Dubbed the app that will help you “keep it all together,” Stuffcard is a free iPhone app that keeps track of all the vital information—a brand, model, serial number, receipts and more—for all of the electronics you own by simply scanning its barcode. Most importantly, the app also tracks all of your product’s warranty info—sending automatic alerts straight to your phone before a warranty expires.

OR Just Create a calendar event in iCal or Gmail

When all else fails, you can always count on a good old-fashioned calendar event alert to remind you that your warranty is about to run out. Simply create an event for your product warranty on a day at least a month before it expires. You’ll have the option to send multiple reminders if you need more than one — givng you plenty of time to decide if you’re satisfied with the item.



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