Ideas to Steal from A Happy, Minimalist Australian Bungalow

California bungalow-style homes arrived in Australia in the early 20th Century, following a wave of Hollywood popularity, and were soon found across the country. These affordable one-story houses were considered modest and respectable, with charming details and solid craftsmanship — which still makes them good home candidates for young families today. See how this one Melbourne-based beauty recently got a modern update.

Monique Woodward of Wowowa Architecture & Interiors re-designed this happy space, and made it a comfortable home for their clients, a family of four. Here are some of our favorite takeaways from the design:

Use a Little Bit of Black: With all the peach and yellow running around, this home needed some contrast to keep the candy confection to a minimum. The mirrored backsplash in the kitchen above, concrete floors throughout, and leather sofa (seen below) all ground the space and make sure it doesn’t wind up cloying.

Create Custom Solutions: The long low built-in shelf on the far living room wall is a minimalist version of a credenza, without all the visual weight. It’s just enough of a surface for a few books or other decor, and adds simple storage. The warmth of the wood is another nice counterpoint to all the pastel.

Maximize Light: Keeping things bright was a major goal for the renovation. There are skylights placed strategically throughout the home, including in this bathroom and the living room. The peach-painted vaulted ceilings in the living room also add interest, but the light color doesn’t weigh the space down.

Look For Opportunities: When the renovation created a few odd angles inside, the architects made use of the awkward space by building shelves that fit perfectly. They turned a potential drawback into a smart asset, and the area is now used for homework and storage.

To see more of this adorable home, visit Wowowa Architecture & Interiors.



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