Rollo Tomassi on Joe Rogan?

Part 2 of Dangerous Times is about fleshed out now, but I wanted to drop this video here before I publish. Want to help me get on the Joe Rogan show? My good friend Richard Cooper – a  guy I’ve done numerous podcasts with – has put together a video submission call out to anyone who’s had their lives changed by my work. Have a look at this video for the particulars, but basically Rich is asking for quick hit video testimonies from anyone who been impacted by my books or my blog. He plans to make a demo reel of sorts to present to the producers of the Joe Rogan show.

Richard attributes his Red Pill awakening to my books and blog and his appreciation is evident in almost every podcast he does. I got to meet Rich at the 21 Convention last September (after having been on his podcast and recommending him to Anthony Johnson) and we immediately hit it off. As most of my readers know I’m very careful about who I endorse or co-brand The Rational Male with, but Rich is one of the men I would gladly give props to. If you haven’t subscribed to his YouTube channel I’d suggest you do. All of his videos are short and to the point and I know my readers will get a lot of value from them.

That said, if you have a chance please make a short video testimonial about what my writing and true Red Pill awareness has done for you and pass it on to Richard. You can contact him via his channel, or just watch this short video for all the details. If you have any other questions, leave them in the comments here.

Thanks, and here’s to a great upcoming 2018.


PS: Watch this space Monday for the second part of Dangerous Times and a special announcement of the terrestrial radio interview I’ll be doing live with Pat Campbell (again) on Wednesday, January 3rd.


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