Best Sets: The TV Looks We Loved in 2017

If you’re anything like us, you watch TV for the interiors (partially at least!). And in this age of Peak TV, there’s plenty of eye candy while we’re soaking up the storyline. Here are some of our favorite posts about set design from the past year.

(Image credit: Turner via Vogue)

The queen of kooky brought us a wacky craft and cooking show based on her popular books. The kitschy decor is everything.

(Image credit: Amazon Studios)

Filling the vintage hole left in our hearts by Mad Men, this new Amazon show takes place in the late ’50s and shows us the best apartments the Upper West Side had to offer at the time.

(Image credit: Courtesy NBC)

Eleven years after we said goodbye, our gay besties (and their besties) have returned to our TVs. We chatted with the reboot’s set decorator about what’s new and what’s stayed the same.

Nothing summed up 2017 more than this dystopian series, where unspeakable horrors are juxtaposed against pristine backdrops.

Production designer Amy Williams gave us all the secrets of designing Dev’s LES space (and gave us a look into Aziz Ansari’s personal style).

Snagging eight Emmys, one of the best shows of the year was also had some of the most covetable spaces. All that stunning coastal real estate really contrasted the secrets in this California friend group. And there will officially be a second season, which we can only imagine will be equally gorgeous.

We have to admit, Meghan Markle’s TV apartment is serious goals. Rachel Zane’s NYC pad may not be Buckingham Palace, but it’s cool and classy and oh so chic.

The hilarious hit starring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson has us imagining what our afterlife houses would look like (let’s hope they’re free of creepy clown portraits).



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