Cupid’s Crazy Cafe: Family V-Day Dinner

Cupid’s Crazy Cafe: Family V-Day Dinner


A Family Fun Dinner for V-Day

Does your family have any fun Valentine traditions? One of my very favorite family traditions from my childhood was when my parents would turn our dining room into a restaurant. They’d act like our waiters,  let us order from “The Parent’s Place” menu, and even light a couple of candles. I thought it was the best thing EVER! So when I found Amy’s crazy dinner menu, it brought back so many fun memories. In fact, I loved the idea so much, I decided to make my own Valentine’s edition to share with all of you.

A new family tradition with this silly V-Day countdown. #VDayDinner #FamilyDinner

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This Valentine’s, treat your family to dinner at… 

“Cupid’s Crazy Cafe!”  

It’s seriously SO much fun, your kids will remember it forever, and with our free printable dinner menu, it’s super easy to do! If you love this idea as much as we do, you might want to PIN it to make sure you’ve got easy access to it for years to come!

Now, this is no ordinary menu! In fact, your kiddos won’t even know what they’re ordering. Instead of actual food names, you’ll be using Valentine code words. Trust me, it makes it so much more fun! Things are sure to get crazy when your daughter unknowingly orders dessert and a salad for an appetizer, and your son orders a fork and a drink.

Here’s how it works:

To begin, decide what you would like to serve for the meal. Then, assign each item to a code word on your “cheat sheet.”  (You’ll need 8 items total.)

Cupid's Crazy Cafe Cheat Sheet.

Once you have your menu planned, go ahead and turn that dining room into a restaurant. Pull out a nice tablecloth, light some candles, and set a menu on each plate.

Free printables for your family V-day dinner.

And just to make it even more fun, how about some cute, Valentine crowns for everyone to wear?

Crowns for him and her at Cupid's Crazy Cafe.

Isn’t that crown just darling?! Sameeha, the talent behind The Inked Leaf designed a girl AND boy version just for us, and we think they make the PERFECT addition to your Valentine’s Day dinner. I mean, what kid wouldn’t LOVE having a special Valentine crown to wear?

Then when it’s time for dinner, welcome them to “Cupid’s Crazy Cafe” and instruct them to “order” by filling out their menu.

Ordering dinner is silly and fun with Cupid's Crazy Cafe.

 Make sure they use each of the 8 different items, one time each.  So they’ll be choosing two items for an appetizer, four items for the main course, and two items for dessert.

Cupid's Crazy Cafe Menu

Then just use your “cheat sheet” to serve each person, one course at a time…

Make your kids smile with Cupid's Crazy Cafe.

And wait for smiles and laughter to ensue when your husband orders all utensils for a course, and your son gets to eat dessert before dinner.

You can have dessert first at Cupid's Crazy Cafe.

Because at Cupid’s Crazy Cafe… anything goes!



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