5 Totally Free & Quick Decorating Projects to Tackle While You’re Snowed In

When it starts snowing all the way down in Florida, you know the country is in for a wintery ride. With the Bomb Cyclone approaching the Northeast and many southern states blanketed in the white stuff already, chances are, you’re going to have some free time on your hands while you’re stuck indoors. And because you can only binge watch so many old episodes of “Dawson’s Creek” without fearing a blood clot, I cooked up five fast (and totally free) decorating projects to tackle on your snow day.

1. Get Dramatic With Paint

I’ve long admired this gorgeous painted wall feature from Sköna hem. A little bit of a bold color goes a long way when creating faux architectural details; just grab some painter’s tape and that leftover can of whatever color you have on hand from another project (as long as it’s different from your current wall color) and get to work. The look is uber chic, high-end and adds serious depth to any room.

If the previous look is a little too extra for you, here’s another more subtle idea from Vogue Living.

2. Rethink Your Art Arrangements

One of my favorite tricks to a quick home refresh is moving art around from room to room. Dig through your bedroom and pull a piece for your living room, and vice versa. A good non-committal idea for this is to lean the art (rather than hang it), that way you can keep shifting your art whenever the mood strikes.

3. Get Creative With Faux Decorative Molding

Live in a rental with no hope for architectural interest? Borrow inspiration from this stunning bedroom project by DIY guru Megan Pflug, via One Kings Lane, which uses nothing more than grosgrain ribbon and upholstery tacks, though the look can easily be replicated with washi tape as well, if you have that laying around!

4. Style Vignettes

The holidays can do a number on your home, so the New Year is the perfect time to reassess those spots in your home that can give you a ton of style bang for your buck (like your coffee table, nightstands, foyer table or even that bar cart). Do some decor inventory of what you already have laying around your home, then check out our Surface Style series for step-by-step tips on how to make the aforementioned micro spaces beautiful.

5. Rearrange Your Furniture

This one might take the additional muscle from a roommate, but today is the day to move that room around (because what else do you have to do when the snow is up to your hips?). The simplest task you can do to make your living room breathe a little more is to pull your sofa a few inches away from the wall; but if you’re feeling adventurous, try moving your seating around completely, floating your sofa in the middle of the room or even swapping the furnishings entirely from one room to the next.

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