A Renovated Cabin So Cozy Inside, Winter Won’t Seem So Bad — House Call

Name: Danielle and Ely Franko and Pomapoo, Bentley
Location: Haines Falls, New York
Size: 1530 square feet
Years lived in: 2 years, owned

“We purchased our home almost two years ago with the intention of fixing it up within a year and listing it for rent,” begins Danielle Franko. “At that point we had no emotional attachments, no idea of the work that would be required, and no real vision for what we wanted it to look like. We knew we wanted to create a space that you could go into and sit down on the couch and put your feet up and just feel content.”

“But we’re not interior designers, and we’ve never renovated a house before, so putting an actual plan to paper wasn’t possible. So we took it slow and let the house tell us what to do. The beams you see everywhere were painted a really ugly brown so Ely took on the monumental task of sanding every single surface, which we then stained. Off and on it took nearly a year to complete. I was in charge of painting. We tiled the bathrooms, installed the kitchen cabinets, even patched the roof!

Over the past two years we’ve transformed into painters, tilers, plumbers, electricians, roofers, and carpenters. I think next time we’d outsource a bit of the work, but it was definitely a good learning experience.”

What is your favorite room and why? Danielle: When the house started to take shape I naturally gravitated towards one of the guest bedrooms and Ely naturally gravitated towards the other. Keep in mind, there was no furniture, or lights, I’m not sure it was even painted at that point. But we half-jokingly claimed those rooms as our own to design. “My” bedroom is probably my favorite in the house — it’s soft and cozy with a touch of glamour from some blush and copper accents. The light is so soft in the morning and I love waking up in that room.

Describe your home’s style in 5 words or less: Thoughtful, intimate, cozy, comfy, ours.

What is your favorite room and why? Ely: I can’t believe Danielle would say her favorite room in the house is that bedroom. It’s so obviously the living room! There are huge glass windows, 16-foot ceilings, a hanging chair, and more plants than seem reasonable. That living room is the reason we bought this house to begin with. It’s my favorite place to be, anywhere.

Any advice for creating a home you love? Realize that every silly adage and cliche exist for a reason: They’re true.

Take your time, buy only what you love, and trust yourself and the process. Every house is different and inspiration online will only get you so far. Only you can take it from a house to a home.

Thanks, Danielle & Ely Franko!

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