Before and After: An Unused Entry is Now Busy & Bustling

A mudroom is a great luxury to have—a spot to corral hats, gloves, scarves, dog leashes, muddy shoes, boots, and other inherently messy items—but a pretty, even glam, yet still totally practical, mudroom?!? Dreams really can come true.

Before we ooh and aah over the space now, let’s see what Leslie Price of Price Style + Design had to say about the unremarkable room before:

When I entered my home through my garage, the space always felt unwelcoming and undefined. I wanted the mud room entry to make me feel joyful when I walked in from a long day at work.

So much pattern, color, and style packed into such a small space! The lively style is appropriate for such a busy, bustling part of the home. The rug is practical as well as gorgeous, an oversized basket provides beautiful storage, and the juxtaposition of the blue and white wallpaper and the gold mirror is to-die-for. The wallpaper itself really brightens up the space, providing a playful counterpoint to the serious grey storage cabinets, the acrylic table provides additional storage without adding visual clutter, and the mirror is in the perfect spot for last looks. Moreover, the patterns and colors in the new mudroom work quite well with those glimpsed in the living room, without being matchy-matchy—quite an impressive design feat!

Here’s how Leslie describes the new space:

I added color and texture to the space using removable wallpaper from Hygge & West. An acrylic console table from CB2 provides a place for us to drop our keys and mail. A bright vintage rug found on eBay provides warmth and additional color to the space. A mirror was added to make the space look bigger. A decorative African basket holds hats and grocery bags and a cute dog food container found at Home Goods holds our pets’ food. Now the space feels happy!

Thank you Leslie!



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