Profess Your Love for IKEA With These Colorful Downloadable Posters

Paging all IKEA fans: if you’re looking for a bold and sleek way to show off your undying love for IKEA, these graphic, color gradient postors may be just the thing you need in your life. Italian design firm, Adoratorio, released a series of simple but beautiful posters highlighting some of IKEA’s most iconic designs.

Each poster feature one famous IKEA piece given the gradient treatment, making it look like it is about to release an incredible indie dance pop album. The best part about these posters? They’re fully downloadable. Print one or print all (displayed in a RIBBA frame, of course), and kick back and let your love of IKEA impress all who enter your home.

The project is Adoratorio‘s loveletter to IKEA, “we only wanted to proclaim our platonic love to IKEA and to its wonderful world full of design, meatballs (necessarily with jam and cream sauce), love and children lost inside the ball pit at Småland.”

I’m partial to the colors of the DALFRED poster, but as someone who has owned more than a few LACK tables in her life, will probably print that one out for good measure as well. What are your faves?

h/t fubiz



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