The Good Place Returns With Signature Plot Twists

A brand new episode of The Good Place ran Thursday night, after a two-month hiatus which left viewers with a huge cliffhanger. The show addressed a big question we’d been left wondering since November, but in true Good Place form, it had us immediately second-guessing the answer. For those who have yet to catch up on the first 1.5 seasons of this NBC must-see TV comedy, be warned – there are spoilers below.

When we last left our quartet of humans, they were helping Michael (Ted Danson) learn a thing or two about ethics and humanity. After a handful of episodes in which the super demon failed to grasp some of the concepts, the seventh one of season two had him acting more and more like a person. Still, that November episode ended with the unexpected arrival of Michael’s evil boss, Shawn (Marc Evan Jackson), who appeared to have discovered a secret Michael had been keeping from him.

This week’s new chapter let us see that, despite all appearances at the end of the previous episode, Shawn is still in the dark about what’s really been going on in the neighborhood. But when Shawn offers Michael a promotion, viewers spend the rest of the show wondering exactly whose side Michael is on. The episode’s intricately laid-out conclusion is one of the most surprisingly heartwarming scenes I’ve experienced lately.

This show is expertly plotted while also being jam-packed with great jokes – not an easy feat, especially for a half-hour sitcom.

The first season is streaming on Netflix, and all episodes of season two can be found on NBC’s website—including Thursday night’s new episode.



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