This Mom’s Cakes are So Bad They’re Good

There is nothing better than a good family food tradition. For some, it means eating Chinese food on New Year’s, for others it could be the preparation of a time-honored classic recipe. In my own home it’s poppy seed cake for my birthday. But I’ve never seen something quite like this hilarious food tradition before.

We ran across these giggle-worthy creations over on Redditt from user lottiiee, whose Mom makes her these amazing cakes each year for her birthday. The mom finds the ugliest, most Pinterest-fail type of cake she can and recreates it for her daughter to eat. This is true love, folks.

This past year the mom made a cake that looked like a lamb for her daughter. Lamb cake molds aren’t anything new and we usually see them pop up around Easter time in the spring. Sometimes they’re for cake and sometimes they’re for butter, but no matter what, they’re always a little creepy.

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The cake-fail that served as the inspiration appears to be a lamb in sheep’s clothing, or rather Dolly Parton clothing, as the wig and dress seem fitting! The cake was made with Swiss rolls and fruit cake, according to the daughter.

In response to the lamb cake, many people requested more photos of this hilarious food tradition. The daughter was only able to scrounge up one more photo, which was this hedgehog cake. No, those aren’t hot dogs coming out of the cake — they’re Cadbury fingers (thankfully).

In my humble opinion, there’s nothing better than a nice slice of “could be lamb cake” to celebrate a new year here on planet Earth. My birthday sentiments go out to lottiiee and I hope this cake is far more tasty than it appears.

What do you think of the cakes?



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