Home Depot Just Acquired This Home Decor Retailer

I hope you’re sitting down because Home Depot is upping its home decor game in a major way. While rumors swirl about Amazon’s potential acquisition of Target, the hardware and home improvement giant has, shall we say, put a ring on their intended. They recently announced their purchase of the online arm of decor and textile retailer, The Company Store.

According to a press release from Home Depot, Wisconsin-based “The Company Store has a rich history of providing products that are highly sought after by customers as they put the finishing touches on a room.” The Company Store offers bedding, bath linens, and other items on which you can save big in January (The Company Store’s semi-annual white sale is going on now).

That means Home Depot will move past Christmas trees and limited holiday decor items, seizing what they see as an opportunity to provide customers everything they need to complete a project from the outset, and in one place. It’s about “the customer taking us to project completion,” says Edward Decker, Home Depot’s Executive Vice President. That means you can expect everything from housewares, to tabletop, interior furniture, wall decor, and textiles to be headed to the store better known for its lumber, power drills, and flooring.

With this new, expanded product offering, Home Depot customers can also anticipate an entirely new online shopping experience. The store plans to roll out an interconnected shopping experience that will feature style guides, improved photography, as well as the ability to shop by room.

Home Depot isn’t the first home-improvement retailer to make a big move of late. In October, Ace Hardware bought a majority stake in The Grommet, a product launch platform that aids makers in taking their inventions to market.

What do you think of the changes going on at Home Depot? Will purchasing your decor items in the same place as your building and project supplies make life easier?

h/t Motley Fool

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