Before & After: Maximizing Every Square Inch of A Small Bedroom

We featured Medina’s closet makeover the other day, and now we are back to show you the rest of her bedroom, which she recently redid to take full advantage of every inch of the space. It’s a small room, so she had to get very creative….

This isn’t true before photo, but you can picture a standard rental bedroom with bland cream-colored walls, beige carpet and that ugly melamine wardrobe that Medina and her husband weren’t allowed to get rid of.

After she painted the walls a two-tone black and white (which you can see she started in the photos above), Medina filled the space with as much furniture as she dared to give them some amount of storage. Their king-size bed would only fit in one direction, so layouts were limited. Before you ask yourself, “why do they have such a large bed in such a small room,” know that Medina did raise the idea of scaling down, but her normally laid-back husband drew the line at this particular change. So, king-size they stayed.

Note the DIY storage drawers she created to fit under the bed, which have handles and wheels to easily pull them in and out. You can see how she made them in a separate post here.

As one of the commenters mentioned in the other post, Medina has a real talent for mixing textures and patterns, and everything she chose comes together beautifully. It all feels earthy, interesting, and full, without being claustrophobic.

Medina even made space for a little study nook, which is just big enough for a stool, computer and some books. It’s an impressive use of just a little bit of space! Kudos especially on the memo board with the message “My brain has too many tabs open.”

Many thanks to Medina for sharing her bedroom. If you want to see more of the bedroom, along with lots of tutorials, head over to her website Grillo Designs. There’s lots to learn and see.



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