The Best (& Surprising) Source for a Budget Post-Holiday Indulgence

It’s finally 2018! New year, new us? While it’s hard to deny the post-holiday drain we’re all feeling right now (on our wallets and our psyches), there is a fairly painless way to get our bodies – and minds – back on track without digging ourselves into a giant financial hole.

If we’re not careful, this month of good intentions can put further strain on our credit cards, so when we stumbled across this Groupon deal that promises to restore our inner Zen and won’t cost us an arm and a leg, we just had to share it with you.

As any avid aromatherapy connoisseur will tell you, finding a diffuser paired with an assortment of quality, all-natural oils is like finding a needle in a haystack. Stumbling across a decent diffuser? Possible. Finding a few oils that get the job done? Perhaps. Finding a set of both that won’t set you back more than the cost of two night’s worth of takeout? Well, that’s a much trickier task. Until….drumroll please…this discovery.

The healing properties of aromatherapy and steam distillation have been known for centuries, but this attractive set makes it easier than ever with modern features such as silent, no-heat ultrasonic therapy and safe heat-free and smoke-free mist. We’re loving the aesthetics of the diffuser itself, which looks like actual wood and features a choice of seven LED colors to complement any mood. You can control whether or not you’d prefer a short burst of mist or would rather leave it on for up to three hours with the push of a button. For safety purposes, it shuts off automatically when it’s running low on water.

In addition to containing the usual aromatherapy oil suspects such as lavender and eucalyptus, peppermint was a surprise inclusion (perfect for clearing the sinuses during these cold-and-flu-plagued winter months), as was sweet orange, which soothes a multitude of ailments, from calming inflammation to keeping digestion running smoothly.

The fact that it’s BPA-free and made of recycled materials is just icing on the cake, so go ahead and indulge in repurposing your inner Zen without any of the guilt–financial or otherwise. You can thank us later.



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