A Professional Organizer Reveals Her Favorite Products of All Time

There’s is a quote by professional organizer Kristen Ziegler, of the company Minima, that really resonates with me: “I think a lot of people view organizing as arranging things and purchasing containers.” As she exemplifies in her home tour and describes in a post about staying tidy all year long — true and long-lasting organization isn’t just about containers.

But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some good products out there that can help! I asked Kristen to share some of her favorites boxes, dividers, organizers and more, both ones she uses herself and ones she recommends to her clients. Use her suggestions as a shopping guide for when you’re ready to take the step of buying any new products on your journey to a more organized you.

Items Kristen owns that are favorites:

Along with perusing the resource list of her house tour, these are some other items Kristen has purchased for herself and heartily recommends. I actually love that she lists some items that aren’t necessarily what you would consider to be an “organizing” product; more proof that organization is a whole-home kind of philosophy.

Items Kristen recommends to her clients all the time:

Considering Kristen is a business owner and making sure clients are happy and successful is in her job description, you know if she’s recommending these products to clients, they’ve got to be good!

See more of Kristen’s impeccable home in her house tour. Or read some more of her advice on staying organized all year long. And you can visit her website, Instagram or Facebook. Or even sign up for her email newsletter.

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